Start your year as you mean to go on! This opportunity is specifically designed for people who are stuck in a rut or who have lost their direction in life.

Carolyn has been on a path of self-discovery for most of her life. As a child, she was already attuned to the metaphysical side of life. At the age of 20 in a successful job with a beach front home, she was suffering with IBS and an addiction to a party-girl lifestyle. She started having Reiki and it changed her life.

Carolyn Sykes

Carolyn Sykes

She decided to train in Reiki, then massage, then shiatsu (for horses), then acupuncture. Along the way, she has met many amazing spiritual teachers and mentors who have taught her how to live a life that works. Among the techniques she has learned and trained in with these energy masters, the one that stands out as most helpful was MindCalm Meditation. Being trained by the best-selling Hay House author, Sandy Newbigging, Carolyn now goes into companies and teaches MindCalm on a weekly and monthly basis.

We are proud to announce that Carolyn will be working at our Spa on Mondays and Fridays offering Life Transformation sessions which are tailor made including all of the methods mentioned above.

Carolyn has a passion for life and an insatiable thirst for helping more people discover their potential and live a life beyond their wildest dreams. So whether it's a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, career, finance, relationship or life-relating issue you are grappling with, Carolyn has plenty of tools to help and will tailor-make your own transformational life package with you.

TREATMENT PRICES - available on Mondays and Fridays 

Discovery sessions are priced at £75 per 90 minutes

with follow up sessions priced at £75 each

or purchase 5 in a block booking (£375) and receive 6 (one free)