Indian head massage is a historical practice dating back to the beginnings of Hinduism where massage is a part of daily life. Known as ‘Champissage’ in India, it has been an integral part of Ayurvedic practice & allows the body to achieve balance physically and psychologically. 

Based on Ayurvedic principles, each person has 107 ‘Marma Points’ on the body, 37 of which are on the head, shoulders, face & upper chest. Marma Points are energy centres & similar to acupuncture sites albeit they can be larger & more easily located. Massage of these Marma Points helps to remove toxic blocks leading to improved energy flow & improved organ functionality.

There are many advantages to this relatively quick but deeply satisfying & relaxing treatment:


  • Circulation is improved; this encourages fresh oxygen & nutrients into the body tissues
  • The muscles receive an increased supply of oxygenated blood, whilst strength & tone of muscles is improved
  • Lymphatic circulation improved which encourages & increases speed of body removing waste toxins
  • Joint mobility along with tension relief
  • The oils used during massage, improve the skins moisture balance & condition, keeping hair strong & lustrous, whilst relieving dry skin on the body & assisting dandruff maintenance on the scalp
  • Improvements in breathing & posture 


  • Tension & stress relief
  • Release of endorphins reducing anxiety & depression
  • Improvement to concentration due to increased levels of oxygen to the brain
  • Relaxation & wellness  


Prior to any treatment appointments, a free consultation discusses the required results & ensure expectations can be delivered. It is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment to ensure complete satisfaction, whether it’s a one-off treatment for relaxation or for ongoing treatment & symptom relief. 

Indian Head Massage is performed from the crown of the head down to neck including shoulders, arms, hands, upper back & shoulder blades. The massage goes no lower than the waist.


Any make-up will be removed, as well as shoes & jewellery such as watches, large necklaces/bracelets & large earrings.  You will be sat comfortably in an up-right massage chair facing away from the masseuse with palms facing upwards on your knees.  

The massage can be adapted for each person & can target any particularly problematic areas. Your hair will be brushed through to remove any tangles & breathing with be tuned with the therapist to maximise harmony & relaxation during the treatment. Warm oil will be applied through the hair onto the scalp, & massaged onto the upper torso and arms during the treatment. 

The full treatment will take approximately 35-45 minutes.

After care

It is important to understand the actions required after receiving treatment to ensure the maximum benefits & to remain in the best health.

  • Drink plenty of water/herbal tea to cleanse the blood of the oils which are now present in your system 
  • Leave oil on over overnight if possible - protect your pillow with a towel. Prior to washing your hair, apply shampoo onto dry hair to ensure the oils are successfully removed & that you aren't left with a greasy hairline!  
  • Have a light diet
  • Avoid caffeine, processed foods & alcohol

The following may apply during the first 24 hours after treatment:

  • Aching/soreness/tiredness - due to release of toxins from the deep tissue work, it is the body’s way to start healing
  • Exacerbated symptoms - as body expels physical & mental relief 
  • Cleansing - the digestive system may temporarily speed up leading to sweating, passing of urine & stools, spots, rashes & cold like symptoms
  • Dizziness - as blood pressure lowers
  • Increased emotional status - feeling sad/weepy/drained as the mind & emotions are relived, this will subside

Do not suppress these reactions, physical or psychological, as these are a sign that the treatment has been effective. These symptoms will pass.

Regularly treating your skin & hair to oils will help maintain the health of both, combined with attention to posture & breathing to continue alleviating anxiety & negative/depressive thoughts.

Yoga and meditation are helpful practices to leading a less stressful lifestyle and/or combined with a course of treatments targeting areas of muscle tension & stress. It may take several sessions to see improvements.


30 minutes - £30      
45 minutes - £40