IPL At Laurabella “The Barn”

“Bald Bunny”

Crystal Clear Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a scientific solution that provides safe, painless and effective permanent hair reduction without having to grow your hair.

A handset is placed onto the area to be treated and a light based energy pulsates a quick flash of light. This leaves the skin unharmed but destroys the hair follicle. The number of treatments required depends on skin type, colour, thickness and density of the unwanted hair.

IPL can also provide treatment for thread veins, mild acne, age spots, pigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles. This machine also performs a quick and simple treatment to significantly improve your skin complexion.

For extremely larger or smaller areas prices can vary.

Consultation and patch test must be carried out before you can start course of treatments.

At Laurabella “The Barn” we look at the price of IPL differently. The price below are just a guide line. We understand that as the hair disappears that the areas become patchy, so we charge for each flash of light, so making each treatment cheaper as the results start to take place.


Consultation with patch test - FREE
Main appointment - £28.00 with each flash being £1.50 there after

Full Leg £240.00

Half Leg £120.00

Full Leg including Bikini Line £270.00

Full Arms  £120.00

Half Arms £60.00

Shoulders £130.00

Full Chest £130.00

Full Back £200.00

Upper Lip £35.00

Cheeks £55.00

Chin £55.00

Beard £100.00

Under Arm £50.00

Bikini Line (standard) £60.00

Brazilian  £100.00

Intense Pulsed Light for Acne Scars/ Sun Damage

How does IPL help scar tissue and sun damaged skin?

A true breakthrough in treating acne scars as well as sun damage and issues related to discoloration, Intense Pulsated Light (IPL) therapy works with short pulses of intense light which target pigmented cells in such a way as to diminish undesirable effects. A method of rejuvenating your skin and creating a smoother, more refreshed look.

Treating Acne Scars with Intense Pulsed Light

IPL, helps to greatly reduce the visibility of discolorations and marks in a gentle and non-invasive manner. Patients leave feeling happier and more confident about their appearance of scar tissue. Each treatment has a unique result and how many treatments needed, so we find it important to keep in close contact and treating the skin in a pattern that suits your skin.

How does IPL Treatments Work?

After applying gel to the treatment area we place the glass block over the skin and with a flash of light we move the hand piece to a new area. There is a very strict aftercare of using a total sun block over the area as well as keeping away from the sun. We do not recomend this treatment if you are planning a sunny holiday. An appointment after your consultation will last pproximately fifteen minutes, most clients generally require 3-5 sessions. For optimal results, we often recommend IPL treatments in tandem with other methods of acne-clearing.

Are IPL Treatments Just for Acne Scarring?

IPL treatments can also address active acne breakouts. Using targeted wave lengths of light, we are able to kill acne bacteria and also treat the inflammation associated with the lesion sites. Not to mention, photofacials are also very helpful in terms of addressing a variety of skin conditions, including: rosacea and sun spots. An innovative and absolutely painless approach to dealing with the effects of acne as well as ongoing acne problems, IPL treatments are extremely popular and have proven beneficial when it comes to lessening the appearance of those telltale signs of outbreaks.


Consultation with patch test - FREE
Main appointment - £28.00 with each flash being £1.50 there after