Jane Iredale cosmetics meets the needs of everyone. They combine the enhancement of daytime make-up with the effectiveness of corrective make-up for post-laser patients, surgical patients and trauma survivors. Also, it has protective SPF which classifies it as a skin care as well as a make-up.

Learn how to apply your own make-up or let us do it for you on those very special occasions.


45 minute day or evening make-up -Best in show - £50.00

75 minute make-up lesson -Learning the ropes - £70.00

This is ideal to catch-up on the latest techniques and try out new and exciting colours. Always taking into consideration your own natural colours and what suits you best, you learn how to transform a day make-up into evening with no effort.


Laurabella is becoming renowned for the attention to detail we offer with bridal make-up. Around three weeks before the big day, there is a trial run. This often takes up to an hour and starts with an in-depth consultation that takes into consideration your colour scheme, style of dress you’re wearing, what time of day you’re getting married, how many bridesmaids and the type of make-up coverage the bride desires.

Natural Bridal Make up

Natural Bridal Make up

From incredibly natural, to flawless finish, your desired effect can be achieved. From smokey eyes to light and bright, each eye style is worked differently, so by the time you leave you will know exactly what will be happening on the day.

In addition, it also helps if you have a sample colour for the bridesmaids' dresses and to bring a tiara if you are wearing one. If possible, wear a white/cream t’shirt. It is surprising how different your make-up looks with a similar colour and tiara on.

Bridal make-up is important because, with the whiteness of day, the white in your dress and the flash of the camera, normal make-up becomes invisible. After fine detail is put into everything else in your day, it is so sad if the photographs come back and there’s no colour to the bride's face. It is also important for the bridesmaids to have uniform make-up to the bride as it is surprising how having one bridesmaid with heavy liner, brighter lips and nails can stand out and effect the overall look of the photographs.

The make-up is applied after your hair has been put up. And if doing bridesmaids, their make-up will always be done last. Timings are always worked around the time of the ceremony, working backwards to when the photographer’s arriving and allowing time for you to get dressed. Preparation for your wedding should be easy and not rushed. Oh and do remember to wear a buttoned shirt on the day so you don’t have to take it over your head before getting into your dress!

60 minutes Bridal make-up with trial - Flying the nest - £150.00

On the Day Bridal Make Up

On the Day Bridal Make Up

Avoid disappointing photos. It is often not realised that with outside photography, being in a white dress in daylight, bridal make-up is often washed out if not done correctly. All the therapists at Laurabella have been trained to achieve a natural looking effect, that will keep its richness throughout the day and evening, so making every picture count.

This appointment includes travel within a five mile radius. £170 for further afield.

30 minutes Bridesmaids and Mother-of-the-Bride -

A flock of hens and mother hen - £35.00

It is also important that the bridesmaids have make-up that is colour coordinated with the bride and their dresses. It is surprising how one person can stand out in every photo if one of the bridesmaids happens to have a brighter shade of lipstick and heavier make-up. We don’t do trial make-up for bridesmaids as our therapists know how to make the natural connection between the bride and the bridesmaids.

Prom Make up and Hair

Prom Make up and Hair


Prom make-up - please see Young Ladies for further details.