Laurabella Facials and Skin Clinic

“The Barn”

Our facial are not camparable to anywhere else, we are different. Our main priority is education, to find out what is concerning you and setting to change it whilst teaching you homecare techniques that will ultimately help. We are great believers that a good homecare routine can make all the difference as well as structuring your facials on a regular basis so to help combat problems and using different techniques so to have deep, lasting results. We can also change the length of time and tweak the facial to suit your needs.

We don’t leave you during the facial, every minute is spent either working on your face, or extra massage of your scalp, neck and shoulders, or a hand massage whilst the mask is on.

Laurabella Product Range

In October 2011, Laurabella launched its own skin care range. With organic ingredients, handmade with no parabens or SLS, the results provide fresh scents and with beautiful aromas.

As therapists we wanted more control over the ingredients used in the products, how effective they are and what packaging was used, as well as looking at the carbon footprint and source of the oils used. It is wonderful to be able to list all the ingredients so even the most sensitive skin can be treated. With a blend of aromatherapy and active ingredients, the products work on a deep level. The facials also work with the power of massage, helping to increase circulation, lymph drainage and pressure points. These products are hypoallergenic and contain active ingredients to help change and improve your skin. We are so comfident with our product range, that we offer a full refund if you find the product isn’t for you.

feeding the sking facial cream
Extra CACI  eye lift  during a traditional facial

Extra CACI eye lift during a traditional facial

NEW - Add-on any of the traditional facials with an additional treatment for £23 extra. Choose from microdermabrasion, Oxygen, cheek and neck CACI, in-depth hydrating eye treatment and Dermaroller décolletage and hands.

Horses for courses

We like to educate our clients as well as making a great difference to their skin, combating problem area and moving forward making a real difference. That is why at Laurabella we offer a great deal with our courses. Spreading the payment over two months you can buy eight facials and get the ninth free. Also included is a full facial set incorporating  cleanser, moisturiser and facial scrub. This is so we know you are using the right products and that we know to be effective and know how they work. Also, two of the facials can be upgraded to a different skin clinic facial at no extra cost, giving us a chance to put together a skin programme exclusive to your needs and to gain the best results. All consultations are free of charge and we recommend you come in to see us if we are dealing with a skin problem that needs greater care and sorting.

Courses give us as therapists a great opportunity to really alter your skin / problem area. We put together programmes that can give dramatic changes in a relativly short space of time. By working together it is amaizing what results can be achieved.


60 minute Classic Facial - Specially for ewe -£70.00

This facial concentrates on each client's individual needs. After cleansing, you will receive an in-depth consultation to put together a programme that will suit your needs. The facial is done in three stages, with a choice at each stage to determine the right equipment or product to help your skin. The facial has a lot of massage incorporated into it, including the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and hands. 

60 minute Hot and Cold Stone Facial - Facial forecast -£75

A facial with a difference, cocooned with warmth, an ideal facial for the winter months. After your cleanse and scrub, you have a beautiful oil applied over your face, neck and décolleté. At this point, you are transported into another world with warm stones used to pre-heat the face and a deep pressure point massage. This is ideal to help stimulate lympth, speed your circulation and relax your facial/neck and shoulder muscles. Used also in the scalp and back of the neck, this massage is heaven. This treatment is also recommended for clients who suffer from a tense jaw, who grind their teeth and have a lot of tension around the head and neck.

90 minute 1st Prize Signature Facial - £80.00

This treatment really is a facial like no other. Cocooned in deep relaxation, your body and face is in for a heavenly experience. After the initial consultation to assess your main concerns, you are then on a journey which includes warm oil slowly drizzling, lymph drainage massage, hand and foot massage, the list goes on with endless treats that guarantees the ultimate achievement in a facial.

75 minute CACI - £72.00

Re-educating the face and neck muscles for a lifted, contoured appearance, CACI is the best known system within the beauty industry and is considered to be the most advanced treatment system of its kind. Treatment results are often so dramatic that CACI has become known as the "non surgical face lift" and is the first system to offer a serious alternative to cosmetic surgery. It works using wave forms and frequencies that work in harmony with the bodies own bio-electrical field, gently tightening and toning the muscles and soothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

60 minute intense microdermabrasion - £72.00

Using Crystal Clear microdermabrasion, this treatment provides the deepest exfoliation you can achieve in a beauty salon. It also works with lymph drainage, helping puffiness and dark circles and sallow complexion. Followed by a deep neck, shoulder, facial and scalp massage, the treatment finishes with an anti-oxidant mask to deeply hydrate your skin. 

30 minute cheek and neck lift - £35.00

The CACI jowl lift facial uses applicators designed to double the lifting action of the CACI treatment system thereby enhancing results and reducing treatment time.

Launching our NEW Facial programmes at Laurabella
Often it takes more than one treatment to obtain the results we would like.
Starting with a free consultation, we talk through the treatments, how we can help, set a plan of action, and block the treatments into eight sessions, giving you the ninth FREE. 
Two of the treatments will be upgraded (your choice and that we also recommend).
We feel that you should be using at home the products we know and trust to work, complimenting the treatments given within the Spa. So with each course we GIVE you a cleanser, scrub and moisturiser with clear instructions how to use it.
We will monitor your improvements with each treatment, making suggestions and giving advice.
Our reputation is important to us, so this gives the therapists a chance to tackle deep-rooted skin complaints as well as scaring, uplifting, ageing, open pores and fine lines.